Atonement 9.1分
读书笔记 第124页
She ran a hand along the few feet of personal history, her brief chronicle of taste. Here were the flapper dresses of her teenage years, ludicrous, limp, sexless thing they looked now, and though one bore wine stains and another a burn hole from her cigarette, she could not bring herself to turn them out. Here was a dress with the first timid hint of shoulder pads, and others followed more assertively, muscular older sisters throwing off the boyish years, rediscovering waistlines and curves, dropping their hemlines with self-sufficient disregard for the hopes of men

真是太喜欢这段了 一段衣橱中衣服的描写既写出cee的成长蜕变,又折射出那一时期女性服饰的变化和女权主义运动的发展。

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