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读书笔记 项目管理与信息技术环境

Systems are sets of interacting components working within an environment to fulfill some purpose. Systems analysis is a problem-solving approach that requires defining the scope of the system, dividing it into its components, and then indentifying and evaluating its problems, opportunities, constraints, and needs. Once this is completed, the systems analyst then examines alternative solutions for improving the current situation, identifies an optimum, or at least satisfactory, solution or action plan, and examines that plan against the entire system. Systems management addresses the business, technological, and organizational issues associated with creating, maintaining, and making changes to a system. 第34页:Three general classifications of organizational structures are functional, project, and matrix. A functional organizational structure is the hierarchy most people think of when picturing an organizational chart. A project organizational structure also has a hierarchical structure, but instead of functional managers or vice presidents reporting to the CEO, program managers report to the CEO.项目性组织结构也是有层式结构,但在这个结构下,不是职能经理和主管副总裁对CEO负责,而是项目经理直接对CEO负责。 A matrix organizational structure represents the middle ground between functional and project structures. Organization culture is a set of shared assumptions, values, and behaviors that characterize the functioning of an organization.组织文化是刻画组织机能的一系列共享的假设、价值观和行为。

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