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Black Arts Movement:The Black Arts Movement designates a number of Africa-American writers whose work was shaped by the social and political turbulence of the 1960s——the decade of massive protests against the Vietnam War, demands for the rights of black that led to repeated and sometimes violent confrontations, and the riots and burnings in Los Angles, Detroit, New York, Newark, and other major cities.The literary movement was associated with the Black power movement in politics, whose spokesmen, including Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X, opposed the proponents of integration, and instead advocated black separatism, black pride ,and black solidarity. Representatives of the Black Arts put their literary writings at the service of these social and political aims . As Larry Neal put it in his essay "The Black Arts Movement " (1968): "Black Art is the aesthetic and spiritual sister of the Black Power Concept. As such it envisions an art that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of Black American" and "to the Afro-American desire for self-determination and nationhood."

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