Murder on the Orient Express 9.0分

Wow, this is an excellent detective novel I have ever run into! I saw the movie in my Uni, but have forgotten about all the traces. I am equally puzzled all they way until the end of the novel comes up. Marvellous! It really worth reading carefully in a book. Most of the evidences presented at the first place are lies, but they consequently leads to conflicts to each other somehow. Then, it comes another layer of lies while H.P. searching their luggage. Incredibly, there is the third layer of lies even when H.P. points out the real identity of some passengers, and they even dare to disclaim their responsibility without hesitation. I was planning to take note and make a timeline, attempting to solve the problem by myself, but in the end, I found it quite impossible for me, since it is a much burden for me to keep recollecting and turning back to some specific pages and reconfirming every dim hints.It is a masterpiece that every possible description is linked to the murder itself. I admit that there is impossible for me to figure out what on earth had happened in that damned train, since there always are some trivial hints will not be shared in our background knowledge, only to simply pointed out by detectives. But Agatha Christie's Murder on Orient Express is the most plain and reasonable detective novel so far I read. It truly a detective story, rather than a mystery story.

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