Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus 7.8分
读书笔记 第80页

Not worrying about him is difficult for her. Worrying for others is one way women express their love and caring. ... Ironically men show their love by not worrying. A man questions" How can you worry about someone whom you admire and trust?" Men commonly support each other by saying phrases such as" Dont' worry, you'll handle it" or "That's their problems, not yours" or " I'm sure, it will work out." Men support one another by not worrying or minimizing their troubles. 1)你时刻得对男人给予无限的仰慕与无限的信任。尤其是在他进入“洞穴期”的时候... 2)我俨然是一个少女......因为我没有所谓的洞穴期,而且完全符合女人表达关心的特点...哈哈哈

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