On Becoming a Person 9.5分
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“the individual will reconganize himself at both the conscious and deeper level of his personality in such a manner as to cope with life more constructively, more intelligently, and in a more socialized as well as a more satisfying way. ” "The individual became more integrated, more effective. He showed fewer of the characteristics which are usually termed neurotic or psychotic, and more of the characteristics of the healthy, well-functioning person. He changes his perception of himself, and becoming more realistic in his view of self. He becomes more like the person he wishes to be. He values himself more highly. He becomes self-confident and self-directing. He has a better understanding of himself, becomes more open to his experience, denies or represses less of his experiences. He becomes more accepting in his attitudes toward others, seeing others as more similar to himself." "In his behavior, he shows similar changes, He is less frustrated by stress, and recovers from stress more quickly. He becomes more mature in his everyday behavior as this is observed by friends. He is less defensive, more adaptive, more able to meet situation creatively." 这就是性格趋于成熟的描写吧。。。非常的professtional

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