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Horoscope : GENERAL
You continue good progress the tempo of last year. 2012 will be synonymous of action, of launching of projects. The germs of those will find ramifications with people able to help you. Their installation occupies your reflexions, in all the fields. You act apart from any impulsiveness, and you made well! The Saturn impulses re-inflate your confidence in you compared to your ideals. They appear less utopians to you than d' ordinary. You will gain in independence and will find d' instinct means of releasing you from the obstacles which you will not tolerate any more.

The planetary tendencies acting on your sector will encourage you to make, with clean as with illustrated, a general assessment on your personal capacities. Indeed, you seek this year spontaneously to exceed you, on your capacities and your results, especially. You will have in heart to bait you on details in order to gain in control on the great aspects. On the other hand, a certain nervousness risks to appear compared to your collaborators and with your superiors. You will be able despite everything to make a fuel of it to advance as much more effectively. It will not be inevitably visible, but you will be aspired to make this that it is necessary to take account of the external tensions to improve you. The impulses of Uranus in aspect in Pluto support the blossoming of carrying projects in the long run.

You bathe this year in a euphoric climate of softness in the sentimental field. The stars league to enable you to transform the course of your emotional life towards more satisfactions, of good being. From your attitude, you sow good seeds in your wake. To like is largely facilitated to you, at all the stages. Whether it is for a transitory attraction or complicity of a life, you will find pleasures to live intensely throughout your course. You spontaneously activate your faith in life and your optimism, which will be contagious compared to your partner. On the other hand, your superficial sensitivity is likely to make you test too hard certain situations and certain remarks. Unreasoned fears, impulses based on subjective feelings can appear. You need to bring you closer people who correspond truly to your sensitivity. By doing this, you take the risk of going too quickly and exposing you to reminiscences of the past. It is necessary for you to take care to keep the cool head before reacting in an impulsive way. THE total acceptance of the joys at the present is the keystone which will make you avoid these faintnesses interiors. You must drive out fears that happiness evaporate if you want really to keep it! If you are in couple currently, you will have many intimate occasions of dialogues which will make progress the fusion aspect which exists between you. The projects advance good progress; you harmonize your mutual desires without fixings.

The question of balance between your incomes and your expenditure returns in your spirit, regularly this year, under an angle major than ordinary. You will not hesitate to look closest to the true causes, related to last failures or fallen through financial attempts at progression. This handing-over in question can push you to consider that you there can nothing. What would be a cruel mistake. Really go at the bottom of the things, in this case and you will realize that in fact, you could have acted differently…. And that you can it, now! This is not more efforts than it is necessary to provide, but to do them advisedly. THIS is in you even as you have your basic capital, your creativity and your spirit of synthesis. The chance arrives this year thanks to lucrative professional occasions.

You arrive at one period hinge, this year which will enable you to give a progress report on the last events, in order to better plan progress than you wish to implement. You more easily manage to think without any external influence, you perceive with more acuity what you wish with deepest you. Your judgments and designs are clear, to the point; you tend to express you with an unambiguous precision. This period is ideal to express you in public, to write mails, to take steps. Nevertheless, this mental clearness which characterizes you can involve you too far in details which finally are not useful, and which make you waste your time. You know how to act, drive out the hesitations related to a feeling of guilt.

Planetary influences of this year will incite you to find yourself more energy and solid reasons to improve your general vitality. Awakenings on certain bad habits, from the changes of lifestyle will improve your interior state notably. Do not resist these changes that you only can set up. You can make enormously to better feel you in your skin and, only, you know it to you doubted too much it until there. It is to be envisaged a return to a state of calm concerning your nervous system. You will manage your emotivity more easily. That will enable you to make considerable economies of energy! The Jupiter aspects indicate a muscular tone in rise, during the first three weeks. This is the moment to find a less sedentary balance of life.

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On the other hand, a certain nervousness risks to appear compared to your collaborators and with your superiors. ----这句话什么意思呢?

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Horoscope 2013 Sagittarius Horoscope : GENERAL The astrological tendencies of this year will bring to you a new dash of life, able to make you reverse obstacles of size. Indeed, Jupiter reinforced by the progressive distance of Pluto lead you to a more optimistic state, and brings to you more occasions to remove you from constraints and considerations become obsolete now. You will test a deep need to make safe your life and that of your close relations, and you will launch out in the action without difficulties, quite to the contrary! You to slow down in time will be essential pure not to burn stages. WORK You resolutely engage your basic energy within the framework of your work, this year. Indeed, you are at the same time tranquillized from the results which you had spring last, and galvanized by those to go still further. The last Jupiter rays encourage you in this direction, and rightly. Because you still will find on your road of opportunities of rise and professional blooming, particularly through research, relations related to the administration, and all that is legal, official will be dependent there. Your bonds with your superiors s' announce fluid because you will have the art to make circulate your ideas with tact and good sense. These last will be advantageous with your hierarchy, but do not bet all on the presentation: envisage also the fact that questions will be asked to you about organization, anticipating these technical details will be paramount for your success. LOVE Your loves this year begin under auspices promising in terms from stability, construction, transformations with the long run. Indeed, you profit from the support of Saturn and of Pluto, this alloy will help you considerably to go to the essence in your reflexions on your loves, your emotional life. You are less light than ordinary, with the profit of a better basic relational quality. You will more need head to head, intimacy than practice. The masks in all kinds become too heavy to carry, and especially increasingly useless. So you will know more skillfully how to help your partner to do as much of it, as well as more clearly to distinguish the true intentions of the people who will cross your road. Impossible to deceive you! Do not forget despite everything to preserve a minimum of unconcern, especially after having probed your partner as much as you the wished. With making some too much, you are likely to make your partner suspicious and on the defensive. Jupiter aspects and Uranus come to support basic changes in your love life. You will start a removal, an expatriation, or a new way of life, the reconstitution of a recomposed family. If you are currently single, you will make meetings which will particularly help you to still give a progress report on your desires out of night light in this moment. ADVICE Jupiter always in aspect with your constellation continues its work and still this year of opportunities gives you raise, in particular in the plan of the career and the hearth, of which it would be good to profit. This is within the framework of your work which the Chance you will smile more, your good will bears its fruits. It would be positive not to hesitate to communicate more with your hierarchically superiors, that will be worth to their recognition. Questions of removal will see of arising. Your framework of life must evolve now, to be in agreement with the transformations which you have created in you since spring 2012. Do not hesitate to jump this step ! VITALITY Your tonicity is mitigated at any beginning of year. Mass of things to make that you see being profiled in front of you there is not foreign. Indeed, this is your moral dash which tends to be lacking, because physically, you lay out despite everything of an excellent form. You will see being reinforced your need of action two months later, and you are likely to reduce your time of sleep, which on the other hand, is not a good thing. It is up to you to preserve moments of sufficient rest to hold the distance, because you will have to carry out a constant train until in November. Your immunizing defense system is seen favored throughout the year. This is the ideal moment to give a progress report on your health and to envisage the winter by avoiding the nuisances of the last year, such as head colds and all that is relating to the head.

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Horoscope 2013 Taurus horoscope 2013 taurusApril 21 - May 21 Horoscope : GENERAL The softness of living will overlap with a need of effort by intermittencies, this year. In your for interior, you will feel to grow your creativity, and it will not be an illusion. Indeed, the aspects of Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus with your sign will cause in you a peace favorable with any form of creativity. You will need to improve your comfort of life, your work conditions, to make return of the pleasure in the life in the broad sense. And that occupies you more largely than last year. You will meet circumstances which will allow you to extend your prospects for pleasures in strange directions! The Jupiter impulses slacken their pressure, which brings more freedom to you d' action compared to your entourage. WORK This is your creativity which will be your best professional asset, this year. Indeed, the Jupiter impulses in aspect to your sign bring to you a very particular retreat of your work; and that will generate in you new, fertile ideas for the future. It will act to prepare the ground to start truly in February. First steps will be felt as well on the level of the fruitfulness of your ideas as from the relational supports than you will find: those will be of technical order, logistics. You would have more difficulties in find collaborations d' tactical order, but on the other hand you will be surprised to find among your usual detractors a support which will be used to materialize your projects. Those of the first decan of the sign will be able to change career in a radically positive way, this year. LOVE You incline resolutely towards serenity, this year, in the sentimental field. Your thirst for peace and balance is of increase. But the circumstances which you will know however encourage you to carry out handing-over in question which are essential but which goes to the opposition to your immediate peace. On the other hand, you are likely to attract partners who are in search for protection. Be careful, even if that is definitely very flattering… In the long run, that could become a load of too in your life! April 2013 and Mars will be most carrying personal satisfactions, you will be right to show all the amplitude of your desires, until most intimate. Number among you will live for the first time! If you are in couple, your partner will show himself more inclined to understand you in your intimacy; the intimate conversations are more fluid… Your patience impresses positively and softens the angles of your relation. You will then note a harmony growing between you. Your confidence in you is strengthened, and that helps you to remain calm in spite of pseudo criticisms of your partner… If you are in a double or nebulous situation, you will learn some long during the last two months from the year, that will allow you more precisely to see the situation before judging it and slicing definitively, this time, this is to be wished… ADVICE The influences of Venus go this year 2013 will push you with more conciliation and harmonize with your entourage. The external circumstances encourage you to render service more amply than practice. That can involve the unpleasant feeling that you are constrained there. Attention it would be only one subjective feeling. And consider the situation with the maximum of objectivity: very often, you will realize that finally, this is just an impression. On the other hand, you will have facilities to extend your mental field of comprehension. Do not let your frustrations grow bigger with excess before expressing them and you will avoid, especially at the end of the year, and to let to you go to sour and aggressive words. VITALITY The Jupiter impulses still slow down the great expenditure of energy. This process continues and carries out you this month to balance your hygiene of life in adequacy with your activity. From March 2013, you will have more vitality in contact with the others. This is on the relational level which you will find the spring necessary to go more the before and certain people will give you councils warned to still improve your vitality. Do not neglect the influence those which have a positive impact on your person and which balance your sometimes excessive temperament.

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Horoscope 2013 Scorpio horoscope 2013 scorpioOctober 23 - November 22 Horoscope : GENERAL The resumption of the re-entry continues intensely, for you, this year. You enter the year under planetary impulses very instigating with the social plan, relational. And paradoxically, you will test a need for withdrawal, of retreat, even insulation towards the change appropriated which will still not miss arising. The last Jupiter impulses in a friendly sign are there to give you the last fundamental dashes of the opening of your ambitions. The aspects of Venus and Mars thereafter will reactivate your creativity… In all the fields! You will live intense alternations of contacts and meditation, phases of work concentrated with moments of total relaxation. WORK Your professional life is announced rich moving relational, profitable collaborations, fertile agreements for your future. Occasions of changes will have to arrive more close to your ambitions. You will be confronted with circumstances which bring new knowledge to you, and which thereafter, will open doors to you on the professional level. To envisage joint projects or which approach and are supplemented between you and these people. Dialogues will notably inform you on the true nature of your professional motivations. If you work in the artistic field or if you have a trade in creative matter, the chance will be resolutely on your side! The inspiration will be rich, and you will even lack of time to materialize them. LOVE Your love life goes this year into adventurous turnings. Indeed, poetry enters by the large door quite naturally. Except if you refuse to let to you go to this romantic flow, in which case you would pass to side of a positive interior awakening, thus beside highly constructive and pleasant meetings. The Venus impulses in aspect with Jupiter in friendly signs will confront you with circumstances which will push you to propose your emotional nature, with speaking more freely about you, and more close to your true nature. Your appearances are harmonized with your heart, you will hardly want of bluffer to allure! And in fact, you will touch by your sincerity and the spontaneity of your remarks, of your approaches. The influence Mars, at any beginning of year facilitates your exchanges and releases your heats at the most favorable times… Your partner will feel liked with step to doubt! The first four months facilitate especially the fact to you of bringing closer your loves to the family unit. You will need more intimacy, of cocooning, common roots with your half and to evoke them. The meetings which you will make this year will help you to understand still obscure elements of your past, and to demolish you certain useless culpabilities. If you are single in second half of the year, the meetings which you will make will be more in the complementarities in the resemblance. You do not direct against the divergences which sometimes can become defenses of a couple most solid and complete. ADVICE You will have to take care not to rock in the opposite excess, this year, in the relational field… Indeed, the Mercury impulses make to you more receptive to the others and so return to you accessible to a greater diversity of people. This is perfect as long as you will keep with the spirit that everyone is not like you… Certain people see only their interest, and you will tend to attract some. Saturn confers this year to you a particular attraction for what touches with arts, and develops your creativity. Do not leave that with the abandonment, it can lead you to important satisfactions, and this, in all the fields. VITALITY This is a certain form of wisdom and detachment which will best protect you from the small unpleasant diseases which most of the time are felt when you do not be in form. But this year, you are with the shelter of the latter thanks to the Saturn support, which will also cause d' to attenuate all that relates to dental or osseous pains. If you manage to fight against your unconcern on these levels, you will avoid later concern for this winter. From September, you will test an increased energy, which will stimulate your muscular efforts. Keep the direction of measure !

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Horoscope 2013 Capricorn horoscope 2013 capricornDecember 22 - January 20 Horoscope : GENERAL You will live planetary impulses which will allow you in a general way, to find more lightness and to diversify you. More occasions of leisure, thus an increased facility will be born, you will learn how thanks to the situations that you will meet, to still relativize more the human phenomena. This is your tolerance which extends your comprehension in all the fields. That brings a serenity increased to you thus a greater moral energy to apprehend the circumstances with an unquestionable sense of smell; the stars release you this year of certain material considerations, which leaves the free field to more humanistic concerns to you. WORK The Saturn impulses and Pluto in aspect with your sign come to reinforce your basic effectiveness, this year. You combine depth of reasoning with a major realism, and this is without you to veil the face which you will consider your situation present before starting again this year. This will be possible with changes that you will be able to set up. Your approach towards your collaborators, your superiors will install a climate of trust which enables you to play of your assets in all peace: you will put a point of honor particular to return work well done, with the chalk line. And in fact, your efforts of precision will be worth for sympathies and recognition! Stain despite everything not to make for as much the work of the others, which they will be tempted to benefit from your spontaneous assistance… LOVE You enter by the large door the field of Eros, this year. The impulses of Uranus, combined with those of Mars and Venus come to galvanize your love life, which will correspond to a total transformation. There is discovery in prospect, whatever your current location. Your reserved nature will leave room to a greater assertion of oneself, with more audacity and expression of your basic sentimental nature. Your initiatives give more results that practice; this is the moment to express your feelings, to expose your projects of couple, of launching dialogues which will enable you to better know your partner. The professional life will be implied in your love life, there are interferences to envisage, that it is by a meeting on your work place or a professional association with your partner, etc… The impulses of Uranus push you to make changes in your way to like with the everyday life, to more express your imagination, which you will make without sorrow while respecting the inevitable limitations of the everyday life of your existence. On the other hand, you will be tempted to put too much decency at speaking about your personal current worries to your partner. It would be a shame of being able to hide things to him on which you would be helped to solve them. Consequently to show weaknesses can also, if not more, touch your soft half which will be made a joy of supporting you, and to bring it to you; support which at the bottom of you, you wish. ADVICE You advance more quickly than last year, this time. And in fact, the current transits quite naturally carry out you to anticipate the more practical future and its methods particularly. The vice of Pluto in your sign acts appreciably, that gives you more freedom of action and influence on the material world. More paternalist than practice, you will find satisfactions to take certain people under your wing, it will be indeed a way to exorcize your clean last to give to others that of which you missed you even before. The Saturn impulses encourage you to make safe your financial future. Do not hesitate to finally subscribe to the qualified organizations in order to stabilize your basic concerns. VITALITY The impulses of Pluto in your sign start to move away and to lose in influence. And so you will see your mental spontaneously becoming more optimistic, without anything to force for that. Saturn effects add and cause in you an intense need of action, which will especially generate in you new and positive energies at the muscular level. You evolve slowly but surely to a good increasingly large being and especially, generating d' energies on all the levels. On the other hand, you will have to supervise your sugar consumption more. The Venus aspects push you with greediness, but the true signal of your body is to get sources to you; healthy energies… To meditate !

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Horoscope 2013 Aquarius horoscope 2013 aquariusJanuary 21 - February 19 Horoscope : GENERAL The peace of last year leaves place to a climate definitely more active, encouraging for the future, because richer in possibilities. You urged on here by Jupiter, in square with your sign, throughout the year 2012. That will start situations which require your share an immediate reactivity. Your impulsiveness goes up out of arrow and occasion of the needs hidden with deepest reveals consequently you for you, who go back to surface. You pass to high speed in your relations with the others, in all the fields. More demanding, more direct, you will have facilities to slice too fuzzy situations. WORK Your professional life will evolve this year through changes which will imply you personally. One gives you new directives, or this is you who will understand into what you must change strategy, if you have a free-lance work. That will not go without hesitations and doubts, especially during spring 2012. You despite everything are supported by a faith in you which will enable you to make efforts of adaptations. The Saturn impulses push you to consider your professional life with the long run very. The contrary is also possible. But if you flee this tendency natural to see far, you will not draw from satisfactions; advancing is what you have of to better do. The seeds which you sow this year will bring you of the facilities for next February. LOVE Your loves veil passion, this year. The square of Mars and Venus to your sector, thus in Neptune comes to cause in you a need of excessivity in normal weather, you control much better your tendency to reason, to leave more place to your spontaneous impulses. That comes owing to the fact that you are releasing you on the emotional level, you fear less to release you, to some extent. It would be positive to go at the end of your handing-over in questions on this subject, in order to prove to you that this is your naturalness and nothing else which can cause at the others of the true feelings in your connection. Your need to be liked relies only on that. The Saturn impulses in square to your sign and connection with Venus enable to foresee returns on the past, old relations which appear again. That can reactivate wounds and regrets, vigilances will have to be redoubled because there are traps to avoid in this situation; some which you already know from your experiment and others, which are still hidden. Your friendly bonds will then take a major importance in the good walk of your emotional life. The advice of friends will be able to give you the sight of syntheses necessary to judge a situation. Those who are still single will know occasions of relations highly charged in emotions. Do not fear the passion loads which arrive at you; to live the present without making projections is this that there is best has to make to build the future ! MONEY Concept of the money this year appears much more abstract to you than last year. The efforts of rigor which you provided before leave the place to a feeling of having accomplished, of satisfaction. Even if you did not lead yet to your objectives, you feel a relaxation and a retreat compared to the material considerations. THIS is in middle of the year that returns in force your desire to gain in freedom compared to the money. And that pushes you in more drastic efforts of managements. The Saturn impulses enable to foresee that will not go without having to force and fight. Your stubbornness will make the happy counterweight to slow down certain impulses of expenditure which could harm your budget. Your inspirations are right, and supports the highly re-entries of money. FAMILY Your felt emotional and emotional will enable you to be discovered by and for what you are with deepest you. This year, the circumstances tend to develop your feelings, you more easily attract with you the beings which correspond to your true emotivity beyond appearances, and it is the ideal period to on the matter bring you closer concretely to your ideals, to devote you so that you like, to consolidate the existing bonds. On the other hand, this planetary transit also shows a tendency to believe too blindly in certain words. Trust the acts especially, to know if your confidence is well placed or not. Your perseverance is paying in all the fields, support above ! VITALITY Your entourage will be determining with regard to your vitality, this year. Because you will be more receptive than ordinary with worries of the others, such sponge, you take the concern of others with facility. On the plan of your general form, all would be perfect if you could put off with dimensions your emotivity. THIS is there that can infiltrate evils which slow down your energy when you do not place your own limits towards the others and with the outside world. The impulses of Neptune tighten this year to increase food excesses which tend to support the retention of water. If you made sport, made in kind overheat you correctly. With muscular blows are frequent with the aspect Neptune Mars, do not draw on the cord and grant moments of total relaxation !

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Horoscope 2013 Libra horoscope 2013 libraSeptember 23 - October 22 Horoscope : GENERAL The blossoming of your most important projects will be specified finally, this year. You will affirm your values clearly, from concrete and visible acts for all. You will not have yet this year of the inspirations in this direction. New projects arrive; you more easily take conscience of your needs, which will connect naturally by the comprehension of the needs for your entourage. Rich person conversations will teach you much from it, in all the fields. Do not flee your contacts; the insulation is worth you nothing, this year ! WORK You arrived here at the hour of the assessments, this year. You will be pleased to see materializing the fruits of their efforts passed in the form of a promotion, increase, change of status. Facilities are announced, and the recognition is really very close to you. Nevertheless, you will have to finish details to finally cross the course which you hope for, if such is your case. But in a general way, you will be more with the ease in all that touches with the technique. Whatever your profession, wait to have itself to exchange more with d' other people and in same time to re-orientate your action, your way of working towards new objectives. The new departures are highly favored; this is the moment to consider a formation or the fact of resuming studies, particularly. LOVE Your loves this year will arise under appearances of an enthralling play. Indeed, it is to be envisaged very instructive verbal tournaments with your partner or those who are likely to become it. You will understand some quite specific operations of the behavior in love with the others, and you even. A greater knowledge of what wakes up your affects will enable you to better understand which partner, which personality, which types of situations correspond to you truly. You will more actively seek your sentimental blooming while rationalizing what before was of the order of the magic of the love… You dissect it carefully in your moments of loneliness. Uranus pushes you with these analyses, and that taken in the good sense will allow you d' to avoid with the future of the errors of weight in your own behavior. You will make, by returns on the past, of lightings favorable with your sentimental achievement to come. By looking at your errors opposite, without kindness, you will learn how you to remove from tendencies in you even who harm the harmony of a relation. If you are currently single, you will make friendly meetings which will open the doors to you; a better future, thanks to future bonds which can lead you to your tender half. If you are currently in relation of couple, you will have dialogues which can easily level the few differences which exist between you, of the order of your intimacy. ADVICE The influences of the Sun and Uranus in aspect to your constellation will wake up in you a creative renewal of all that touches in your centers the most important interests. That will begin in the world from the ideas, and you will be able to put them in practice only in end of the month. That is likely to return to you somewhat irritable… Benefit from this time makes an attempt to lean you on the details that you made that to fly over in your spirit, you will thus guarantee the success of your projects in all safety. Saturn reinforces your mistrust as for the changes of sentimental order which is profiled with the horizon of your life. It will be useful to relativize the moves of heart that creates in you, because you lean too much on the side of concerns which do not help you to act in the good sense. VITALITY You literally radiate of energy, this year! The impulses of the Sun, associated with those of Venus come to instigate your metabolism of dashes of creativity which alone galvanize your energy. Your actions generate positive continuations and that gives you the spring to continue and gives you the energy necessary to the good moment. You who suffer from physical diseases related on the digestive system and the nervous system will see your state improving spontaneously. This is remainder the ideal moment to look after you more actively to put all the chances on your side, and to regulate the small diseases which can worsen with the time which passes. Saturn will have a beneficial action on your nervous balance, which will enable you to better devote itself to all that opposes you without creating of effects such as intestinal diseases, neuralgias.

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Horoscope 2013 Virgo horoscope 2013 virgoAugust 23 - September 22 Horoscope : GENERAL You pass to high speed, this year, in all the fields. This is by the other ones than you will consolidate the things, through your knowledge which you will find the feeling of internal security that you seek. The impulses of Mars will galvanize your actions in the direction of a greater safety, in the broad sense, and in all the fields. Your conservatism will carry you chance and will enable you to get rid of certain material concern, in particular. That releases you the spirit to pass to high speed to make evolve/move your projects in a constructive direction. Much to make, in a slackened relational environment, here a beautiful program. WORK The course of your professional life goes s' to accelerate, this year. Indeed, you will have at the same time requirements to regulate very quickly and changes d' organizations to be set up. The impulses of Mars boost your need for recognition, and that will help you to face the transformations which will not lack to happen. You put the twice the work in your daily work, and your zeal tends to wake up the malicious gossip. You do not astonish in addition to measure and carry on your road without you to formalize… The Mercury impulses push you to face secret meetings, negotiations sometimes not easy but which you can in the long term carry out thanks to your tenacity increased in this year. Saturn continues its work and reinforces your good sense and your perseverance. LOVE You will know moments of sentimental intoxication, this year. Although you will not enormously have time to devote to your loves, that will not prevent you from living moments of total plenitude to two. Indeed, the impulses of Uranus in aspect to your sign announce good food, a more intense pleasure, and facilities to cause passion at your partner. If you were in conflict with your tender half, you will have facilities to disarm it than to even do it you. Your dashes of the heart push you to more do pleasure with your partner, to allure more in the broad sense, even if in the final analysis, you do not have precise objective. But that will reinforce the links of your couple if you live already with someone, and that will allow you to bring more easily your partner to the concretization of your projects with two. You will officialize a relation, to make presentations with the family, to show at the great day their attachments. If you are currently single, you will have chance as regards meetings. Those will be especially centered on comprehension, the tolerance, the opening in the world and new values. You attract with you more than ordinary of the people to the deep sensitivity, which corresponds to your basic ideals, if you agree to recognize it apart from your moments of doubt. With you to benefit from the good moments to pose the bases of your future, in all serenity ! ADVICE Your ideal of life is in the foreground of your concerns, this year. Even if it means becoming a little egoist, you lean more and rightly on your practices, and you will see more particularly those which slow down your blooming. Your helping realism, you will imperiously need to change that as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it will be necessary for you to plan your dreams and to take into account time; your absolutism could make damage in your entourage, do not forget this data, you know well that this side of your life is to you capital him too. The Mercury impulses and Mars wake up an intense need of exchanges with the others. That can lead you to being too naive and cash taking for money all that the one can promise to you, are careful. VITALITY Your energy is more discrete than ordinary, this year and will appear more readily in your moments or the concentration is of setting, or when you summers only to work on your projects. Your entourage will be able to think that you do not be as well as possible of your capacities but your basic energy is beautiful and quite omnipresent. You will spontaneously channel it in all this than there is in your eyes of more useful, of more essential, in order to materialize your ambitions. The only possible shelf would be too much to make some without anything delegate to anybody… You are not responsible for everyone! The Mercury impulses and Mars will galvanize your energy during the last three months. You will find the spirit to plunge in your leisure without failing. Your mental acuity at the same period is with the one of its best levels of the year.

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Horoscope 2013 Leo horoscope 2013 leoJuly 23 - August 22 Horoscope : GENERAL The events will connect in a natural way for your eyes, this year. The planetary aspects which reign in your sector facilitate the relational wheels of your life, as well as fruitfulness of ideas essential to the good walk of your projects. Only Saturn throws a shade of deep realism which can give you moments melancholic persons of regrets d' a last unconcern. But beyond this phenomenon, you will have many occasions to delight you by the positive effects of your reinforced realism: it helps you to ensure your backs with effectiveness. The impulses of Pluto will develop your imagination and your creativity of an innovative dash, that will play in all the fields of your life, in particular sentimental. Follow your inspirations; they positively approach the desires of your entourage. WORK The astral influences of this year will push you to develop your sociability and your direction of the exchanges. Indeed the aspects of Pluto, and Mars to your Sun highlight divergences between your points of view and those of certain people of your professional entourage. Initially, you will see yourselves in hillock with what seems to you to be error of judgments on behalf of your colleagues. But with efforts of comprehension, you will realize that ultimately, these people can considerably help you… From their complementarity. To hold account of external opinions, you will avoid future concern, do not doubt! While seeking to make team, to collaborate more narrowly with the others, and thus to find supports useful, you attract the chance for your projects. LOVE Your love life goes this year 2013 will soften considerably. Indeed, you spontaneously will put to you at the listen to others, and even completely in their place when that will be necessary to a good comprehension. You go into the details of the sensitivity of your partner with ease. That explains from the fact that you shown more sensitivity and altruism in your listening and your way d' to like. The combined influences of Pluto and Mars will cause situations which will be very useful to create a climate of agreement and of true harmony. Any time, you will feel puffs of impatience before returning account to you that this is not while letting to you guide by that which you will come to end from the divergences that you know with your partner… The diplomacy is this year more than ever, your force. If you are currently single, you will attract meetings which will change you radically your practices, you thorough with will be discovered new universes and design of life. Strong emotions are in sight, your receptivity with tenderness increases and will allow you to live outstanding moments of sentimental plenitude. If you are currently couples some, your partner will have some requirements which will appear imperative to you but you will understand the sources of them. ADVICE You will start to concretely live the first steps of these changes. Your freer attitude, and at the same time nearer to your entourage will generate questionings of its share. You will tend to feel you on the bolster, judged, and then it is simply question of better understanding you… You do not direct! The joint influences of Jupiter and the Sun will galvanize your will of assertion, particularly with the social plan. This is the moment to plan to resume studies, to specialize you, or of launching a project. You will be able this year to find supports in this direction, on behalf of people more qualified than you. VITALITY Your general form will be excellent throughout the year, in a general way. The sextiles which play in your favor bring you as of January a renewal of energy which will enable you to face your obligations, many and varied. The impulses of Mars at the beginning of year make to you more daring than ordinary, which pushes you to provide more muscular activity. This is the ideal moment to do sport or to launch you in a program of basic drive. Listen to your body, it will be able to indicate its true requirements out of matter to you; food. These are less the dashes of greediness which speak that your organization which naturally pushes you to consume more cereal plants and products. It will be necessary to count on more mental tiredness during the autumn, preserve of the agitation of certain people.

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Horoscope 2013 Cancer horoscope 2013 cancerJune 22 - July 22 Horoscope : GENERAL The efforts which you provided these two last years truly start to give tangible results, this year 2013. That will touch all the fields of your life, and your increased conscience will not allow you to avoid this report. This progress will generate new resolutions at the end of the year; and as a success never arrive alone, you will also have many occasions to enrich your life thanks to new knowledge, dialogues with these people who will open new doors to you which will be positive short cuts for your projects. Only the influence Pluto can slow down you from nostalgic moods, you do not stop especially with the considerations of the past, go ahead. WORK You will be thorough to make considerable efforts, this year, in your professional life. Indeed, the impulses of Pluto, combined with those of Mars will largely support your intellectual efforts and your need of mental action and of creativity. You will not be lack of it; inspiration as regards making up for certain lost times, attaching you to fill certain failures. If you have a trade in relational matter, the chance is with you to conclude from the agreements, to buckle sales, to start negotiations which you think sometimes impossible to implement. A whirling of activities can involve you with making some too much, not to have to stop you in time; made in kind of sparing sufficient time for your intimate life, particularly. Nothing is used for to run… To disavow your objectives firmly, bet on the long run. LOVE Beyond your propensity natural to idealize the sentimental love songs, you this year will exceed you to concretize your most personal dreams. You will not have patience to make cinema and especially to play the detachment that you do not test! So you can test difficulties of respecting the needs of independence of your partner, who will not fail to him to assert his share of autonomy, especially during the first three months of the year. You will be able to then pass to the action and to put all the chances of cutter with dimensions. Because you will have then, more impact and of magnetism in the sentimental field… On the other hand, a Saturn dissonance wakes up fears of abandonment which take root very far in your past… And even without going very far, you will feel a deep need to ensure you of the reliability of your entourage. It is not the moment to seek to make radical transformations… But to still collect elements before setting up the changes which will appear clear the next year to you. For those among you who are single, there are strange meetings in prospect, open with the exoticism, you will not regret it. ADVICE The influences of Pluto this year will solicit you in-depth. Indeed, you spontaneously will seek to analyze what you live, which with the excess can make you doubt things which however exist indeed. This is on the sentimental level that will appear most openly, do not forget that the feelings escape sometimes the analyses, even the best! Jupiter in aspect with your sign enables you to see clearly in your ambitions, and in this field, your analyses become completely useful: the source of your motivations cannot escape to you. That enables you to resume work with more effectiveness! Venus grants more facilitated seduction to you, do not misuse at all costs. VITALITY Jupiter and Uranus bring impulses to you which can become generating stress, according to your capacities to protect you from the outside world. Indeed, you will deal with talkative entourage, which solicits you much in an indirect way. You will have need for calm regularly this year, to face! Take measures and especially do not hesitate to disconnect your telephone, to cut you from the world. You will spontaneously reduce the contents of your plate, there is no time to you and that is there for much. Made in kind not make for as much the dead end on food which remains essential with your vitality. The muscular form is with return, especially during second half of the year of the year. You proportion your efforts in the good sense. This is also the moment to take again a sports activity.

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Horoscope 2013 Gemini horoscope 2013 geminiMay 22 - June 21 Horoscope : GENERAL The astral configurations of this year 2013 will enable you to crown your launched efforts last year, in the relational field. This will have effects in many circumstances. Indeed, the impulses of Uranus in aspect to your sector, escorted Mars and Sun will notably facilitate your exchanges and their clearness. New choices become possible and those are turned spontaneously in the direction of evolutions which bring you closer to your objectives. And in spite of the agitation which at certain times will be intense, your personal road is seen facilitated by your entourage and its influence. Mercury comes to flux your practical steps, you will have more space to live with a big L ! WORK Certain professional concern arrives in the long term, this year. Indeed, here that solution arrives thanks to outside assistances, proposals, etc…. You begin the year with a beautiful note of jupiterian optimism, which brings a promising relational chance to you. You will collect the fruits in November of them, for the hour, this is the moment to launch useful preparations. Your colleagues leave you more freedom of action that these three last years, peace settles and leaves you more freedom to devote itself to individual work. That with the excess can lead you to too cutting you others and their opinions and supports, which will be able to pass for the ingratitude. It is up to you to keep a minimum of opening and especially of flexibility… You do not be the only one with being in truth ! LOVE The stability of your emotional ties will be the one of your absolute priorities, this year. Indeed, the aspects of Saturn with Neptune beats full sound and wake up in your fears which will cause defense reactions in a constructive direction in your attitude with the Other. The effects Uranus in aspect to your Sun will support your efforts in the direction of a denser expression in love. Moreover, the changes you set up start to bear their fruits. The general climate is tender at the beginning of year. Your loves tint increased tenderness, you will have more resources to reinforce your agreement, the harmony settles, without you losing the intensity in love which holds you with heart. Will be able to reason your requirements if you are alone, the meetings claim efforts in this direction, it is necessary to round the angles, not to appear harder than you are it actually. Your spontaneous reactions will be rich in emotions. But for your partner, you do not astonish if he considers them too whole and if you are taxed with susceptibility! If you are single, you will meet events very records, there are projecting meetings in prospect. The love at first sight is not a myth… You will not play shy person well a long time. These new departures made possible will force you to leave your reserve, but especially to look at your fears opposite: You attract to you people who discover your most hidden weaknesses without difficulties. ADVICE All that is related to legality, official signatures, and important sales is seen favored during June, March and October 2013. You will have to slice fuzzy situations, to more firmly redirect your life from your initiatives. The Mercury impulses help you to take account of the external opinions, but you will have for remaining centered as much on your personal requirements and not forgetting what is essential for you. Relativize these influences by keeping your personal course. The Saturn impulses give you accesses of impatience, of diffuse nervousness, often even without knowing why you are thus; with driving back essential needs too much, you feel frustration. Measure your actions in continuity to avoid packing you in bad directions. VITALITY You profit from the joint supports from Jupiter and Uranus, this year, which confers to you a basic vitality almost with any test. On the other hand, you will be more vulnerable to the external agitation, particularly on your work place. It will be essential more than ever to preserve your intimacy of useless harmful effects which empty you your energy. You will be able to reconstitute your reserves in the bubble of your hearth; it will be your artful thrust, this year. The Mercury impulses also facilitate the mental relaxation through arts and of the leisure. The only shelf to be avoided will be too to give you to your work, but also of sparing your digestive system, which tends to becoming more delicate and receptive with all that is spices and existing in all kinds. The contact with the ground will be compensation with the stress of the everyday life.

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